20th April 2020

Darling Paloma, ‘ Wait here,’ I said, ‘ or rather wait over there,’ pointing to the next sto op so I could make my way to our front door. The old gentleman in the tweed suit had returned (back today in a white suit, white shirt and college tie). And just when I thought I’dContinue reading “20th April 2020”

12th April 2020

Darling Paloma, If today you had the freedom to pick anywhere in the world to have Easter lunch, where would it be? It was a question I was asked yesterday. These type of questions are more poignant as they have ever been . Two years ago this weekend, we visited Barcelona. It was a lastContinue reading “12th April 2020”

8th April 2020

He was not there. The man in the tweed suit had not returned since I promised I would get him a bath plug! Stupid really because since Saturday I had been carrying the plug around with me. Last night in bed I thought of him and of the gentleman being helped into the ambulance awayContinue reading “8th April 2020”

7th April 2020

Darling Paloma He’s been looking worn out. His daily briefings have been difficult to watch. He was as white as a shroud but still tried to give that look of such self assurance. And yet when he turned to leave, his shoulders slumped and he slunk away like a retreating army. I’m sure I wasn’tContinue reading “7th April 2020”

2nd April 2020

Darling Paloma On my morning walk, I find comfort in ordinary things seen quickly, smelt quickly. Those ordinary things which before these last few weeks I did not notice. A gentle trace of coffee from the local coffee bar when a door swings open, a man sleeping contentedly on a park bench, torn paper blowingContinue reading “2nd April 2020”

30th March 2020

Darling Paloma, I cannot hold back certain thoughts, I’m frightened those thoughts distinguish me from from everyone else. Questions twist round me like a snake. I try to stifle them but they are springs which however hard I press down , they will eventually leap up when I run of force. I think about theContinue reading “30th March 2020”